• Driver's Education

    Rich Faber



    Driver Education is given before and after school only and may require certain students to meet on Saturday mornings for driving practice in driver-training cars. Enrollment in this course may curtail a student's participation in other after-school activities. This should be considered carefully since attendance at all Driver Education classes is extremely important for compliance with the minimum requirements mandated by the State Education and Motor Vehicle Departments.


    Students are selected for the Driver Education course in the following way:


    1. The student must be a senior or a junior.
    2. Before a student is scheduled for Driver Education, a parent/guardian must attend an informational meeting held in early January, June, or September before registration for the course.
    3. If the demand for Driver Education is too great for the number of available places and the student meets the above prerequisites, the list of those selected for the course will be made on the basis of age and grade--seniors are selected first, then oldest juniors.